August 27, 2015

Registration FAQ

BeastCamp Registration FAQ

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    • How much does Registration cost for “BeastCamp” ?
    • Registration for “BeastCamp – Speed Edition” is $99/per month.
    • Registration for “BeastCamp – Endurance Edition” is $99/per month.
    • Registration for “BeastCamp – Volleyball Edition” is $149/per month.
    • What does my Registration Fee Cover?
    • Athletes registration cover all training sessions.
    • How often is training?
    • Training sessions are twice a week and last a hour each sessions.
    • What kind of training does BeastCamp offer?
    • BeastCamp is an all around training camp that focuses on the skills and techniques that athletes need to excel in all sports.  We focus on speed, endurance, strength, agility, technique, coordination & many other components of competitive sports.  Our guarantee is that your athlete will become a better athlete or your money back…
    • What is the Refund Policy?
    • BeastCamp has a no refund policy.

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